County Kerry Ireland

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About Sirocco
From the land that birthed such legends as U2, The Cranberries, Van Morrison and The Corrs, this soulful sexy pop trio are more than just a group they’re a family! Made up of sisters, Fiona, Nayome and Evangeline these girls have the kind of musical and artistic cohesiveness that only sisters can possess. Like they’re name (which loosely translated to a warm Mediterranean wind) Sirocco’s sound is a whirlwind of styles and genres. Reminiscent of Beyonce’s high energy get up and dance tunes, Pink’s lyrical smarts and Enya’s haunting harmonies, Sirocco combines the best of modern rock/pop/dance with elements from their prideful Irish heritage. In fact, the sisters consider music to be a sort of "in the blood" thing that has rippled down through many generations of their family tree. Growing up in a remote village in County Kerry Ireland, the spark of creativity was ignited at a young age, and the girls spent many years training in dance/singing/drama and music. When they decided to join forces in 2002 and dubbed themselves Sirocco, their talent, drive and determination resulted in them making a name for themselves around Ireland, releasing a debut Irish Album and performing with renowned European acts like Westlife, Girls Aloud and Gareth Gates. An invitation by Governor Pataki in 2004 to sing for St. Patrick's Day brought the girls to New York where they stayed for the next few years. In the summer of 2008, the sisters moved to the mecca of entertainment, Hollywood, California where they began work with Mark Jackson and Ian Scott, which has since resulted in their new sound. Their song "Brain On Music" has already been accepted into the phenomenally successful online dance game "Audition" and like their name Sirocco suggests, it won’t be long before this warm breeze gains its momentum and takes the world by storm.

Sirocco Fun Facts

  • They are from Ireland and are all sisters.
  • Their grandfather used to work for a lot of Hollywood stars including Marilyn
    Monroe, Howard Hughes, and Peter Laurie.
  • Their mother was in a group with her two sisters when they were younger.
  • They are all vegetarians
  • They own a Pekingese dog-named Jimmy after their grandfather.
  • They all have the same shoe size.
  • They are all certified lifeguards.
  • They used to won horses when they were younger. They all love to go horse
    back riding.
  • They sang for Governor Pataki, Hillary Clinton and the Iraqi troops on St.Patricks day.
  • They performed with West life, Girls Aloud, Gareth Gates in the Point Theatre in
    Dublin for the Childline Concert.
  • Fiona was once asked to join the Math Olympic team for Ireland.
  • Nayome writes movie scripts and wrote her first Novel of 118 pages at 12.
  • Evangeline once flew a four-seater plane over New York for her 16th Birthday.
  • They all speak Gaelic and know a little French and German.
  • Between all of them they know how to play 9 instruments.
  • They were all champion Irish dancers.
  • Evangeline recorded her first song when she was 6.
  • Fiona and Nayome were both 8 years old when they wrote their first songs.
  • Fiona has climbed the highest mountain in Ireland.
  • They are related to John Walsh the author of "the Quiet Man" which was
    adapted into a film with John Wayne and Maureen O Hara.