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About H*Wood
Once every few decades the stars and planets align to create for a brief moment a solar eclipse. On March 6, 1988 the moon and sun danced to the rhythmic cry of Brandyn “H*Wood” Bordeaux when he emerged into the world. Bringing along with him a ballpoint pen and wide-ruled notebook from his mother’s womb, he was destined to create breathtaking music from the time of his conception.

Less than 6 months later, now located in San Diego, California, H*Wood’s unique sound pulled from the genres of Pop, Techno, and Hip-Hop create high energy, mid to up-tempo dance music. Along with being marketable as a crossover artist from all three genres, H*Wood’s image, confidence, and charisma separates him from the large and redundant pack of aspiring artists in more ways than one. H*Wood’s promotional single “Barbie Doll” has already gathered a buzz from his fans and music industry professionals, and his popularity continues to grow. H*Wood has just finished his EP “Club H*Wood” and is currently booking shows all over Southern California.

With the blessings and grace from God it won’t take nearly the time of a solar eclipse for H*Wood The Heart Throb to disseminate his star qualities through breathtaking music to the world!

21 year-old Artist/Songwriter Brandon “H*Wood” Bordeaux is truly the future. Originally from Aurora, Colorado where the Rocky Mountains and luxury ski resorts over shadow any opportunity for success in the music industry. With “Diddy-Like” drive H*Wood positioned himself amongst the elite rap artists in Colorado. His cocky melodic flow and catchy hooks over techno synthesizers on his first mixtape “The H*Wood Movement” hosted by the world famous DJ White Shadow. Building on his success H*Wood used his popularity to perform all over Colorado and also share the stage with numerous major recording artists (Devin The Dude, E-40, Chamillionaire, Busta Rhymes, etc.). Achieving this amount of success in his home state gave H*Wood the confidence needed to head west to California and reach the ultimate goal a Major Recording Contract. Now residing in San Diego, In less than a year H*Wood has continued recording and performing all over Southern California. His promo single “Barbie Doll” was released via myspace.com on December 6th 2008 and since has gathered over 30,000 plays, 2,000 ringtone downloads and a feature spot on the world famous download site pjbutta.com. Adopting a new wave sound of high energy club dance music, H*Wood has also recently just finished recording his EP “Club H*Wood” which will be available for download on his myspace April 7th, 2009. Along with a quickly rising music career H*Wood has also began writing songs for R&B/Pop Artists, his ultimate goal after a successful solo career would be to start his own production company. With H*Wood’s drive, talent, and faith I truly believe that this young man could be the future….