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What is Audition?

Audition is an online music and dancing game where you compete with or cooperate with other players from all around the world. The objective is to gain more and more experience in order to 멿evel-up?your characters in order to become the next big Audition superstar. The gameplay is simple: use the up, down, left, right directional keys and the spacebar and match it with the beat of the music. More experienced players also have 8-Key and Chance Mode options to raise the difficulty level.

What do I need to do to get started?

First, sign-up for a free account on www.redbana.com. Then download the full Audition game client for FREE by going to the Download section of the website and install it onto your computer. Log in to the game using the same username and password you registered with. You are good to go!

I registered or signed up for an account, but why can뭪 I log into the game?

The most common case is that you have not verified your account. All users who sign-up or register for an account on www.redbana.com will be sent a verification letter to the email you listed with a code in it that will activate your account.

Why am I not getting the verification email?

First, please make sure your email is working properly. The email may have ended up in you SPAM mail section or the @redbana.com address may be filtered or blocked by your email provider. Please make sure you add @redbana.com to your email뭩 safe list before registering, or ask to resend the verification code.

Is Audition really a FREE game?

Yes, Audition is completely FREE to sign-up, download, and play. You don뭪 need to pay a dime if you don뭪 want to at anytime.

If the game is FREE, how does Audition make money? How does your company survive?

Audition has a Fashion Mall where you can choose from an enormous selection of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and more, to completely jazz up your characters in style and look cool in the game. In order to purchase these virtual items, you will need to charge your account with BANA Cash by using one of the payment options available. To charge your account, please click HERE.

Do I need to buy anything to actually play the game?

Nope. You can play the entire game without having to purchase a single item. When we say FREE, we mean FREE.

Is my computer good enough to play Audition?

Please see the Game Download section of the website to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Why does Audition take so long to download?

The Audition client is a BIG file and can take up to 3 hours or more to download fully on a 1.5M broadband Internet connection. Downloading time will vary based on your service provider. Also, there may be times where our own servers are being overloaded with too many simultaneous downloaders. If this is the case, we ask that you please be patient or use one of our download mirrors listed on the Game Download section of the website.

Why is the Audition game client so BIG?

Audition is a very deep, sophisticated online game that has many graphical elements and data that take up a lot of information. With a large selection of game modes, sophisticated graphics, thousands of different outfits and accessories, tons of songs, and more all combine to equal a large file.

The file is big enough already. What뭩 with the updates/patching?

Audition is frequently updated with new songs, new fashion mall items, new game modes, interface changes, bug fixes, and more. In order to keep our loyal gamers happy, we are constantly working to make the game better each day, and in order to apply those changes, users will have to update their game client to the latest version.

What is a GM?

GM stands for Game Master. They are people employed by Redbana to help monitor the people that play Audition, run special in-game events, or catch and ban cheaters/hackers.

How do I report hackers or cheaters?

Please submit a ticket through the Customer Support section of the website. Please help the community remain free from hackers/cheaters by saving a replay of them in action or screenshots for evidence.

How do I take screenshots?

Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard when you want the screenshot captured. You can also use a program such as Fraps for screenshots and video capture.

Who or where can I ask for help with a question that is not listed here?

Please submit a ticket through the Customer Support section or make a separate Topic post on the Help section on the official Audition Forums.

Where do I start?

Please refer to the Game Guide section of the website.

What are the differences between "Beginner" "Intermediate" and "Free" servers

"Beginner" servers are for first time players, "Intermediate" servers are for players to start upgrading their skill levels, and "Free" servers are open to all level players.

What is the Shopping Mall?

The Shopping Mall is a place where you can listen to all the music that Audition has to offer, but most importantly, the Fashion Mall is the place where you can buy all those cool Audition outfits, accessories and more to really make your character stand out from the crowd!

What are the differences between each of the game modes?

For a description of all the different game modes that Audition has to offer, please refer to the Game Modes portion of the website.

What is 4-Key or 8-Key?

4-Key refers to gameplay that uses the 4 directional keys (up, down, left, right) on the keyboard + spacebar. 8-Key is more advanced and refers to gameplay that uses the 8 directional keys on the numpad (buttons 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 on the numerical keypad) on the keyboard + spacebar. To activate 8-Key, press the INSERT button on the keyboard.

What is Chance Mode?

Chance Mode is another form of more advanced gameplay. To activate Chance Mode, press the DELETE button on the keyboard. When activated, red arrows will also appear along with blue arrows. Players must press the OPPOSITE of what direction the red arrow displays. Players will be able to achieve more points when this mode is activated.

How come I can뭪 use 8-Key or Chance Mode in certain games?

Certain game modes do not have 8-Key or Chance mode available as an option. Please refer to the Game Guide section of the website for more details.

I뭢 a Level 5 player and can뭪 level up any more! What do I do?

In order to advance your character to higher levels, you are required to pass the "License Test." It will first be made available when you reach Level 5 and can be taken by clicking on the "License" button in the lobby.

What is Couple Mode? How do you become a Couple in the game?

Couple Mode is a type of game mode that pairs you up with a partner to compete against other couples. In order to become a couple in Audition, they must gain 5 "hearts" if they both perform 5 "Perfect" routines at the same turn.

How do you get married in Audition?

You must first be a Couple in Audition in order to marry in-game. Afterwards, couples will be eligible to marry after they send 5 "Kisses"(1 kiss can be sent per day) to each other. Males will then be able to purchase a "Wedding Ticket" to access the Wedding Game Mode. If this mode is completed, the couple will be married.

How do you private message or whisper to other players?

Type "w [Nickname of person] [Message]" So for example, if you wanted to say "Hey, what뭩 up!" to a person nicknamed "Sammie008" you would type: /w Sammie008 Hey what뭩 up! Please refer to the Gameplay Controls for more input commands.

What are Beats?

Beats is a form of virtual currency that players can earn by playing through the game competitively. You can buy certain clothes, shoes, hair styles, and more as well as access certain portions of the game. Not all things in the Fashion Mall can be purchased with Beats. To purchase other items, you will need to purchase them using BANA Cash, which cannot be earned by playing through the game.